Hello there!

We’re a husband and wife team from Singapore, and we created Thoughtworthy Co to share stories and ideas for healthy, happy and humble living.

Our goal is to inspire our audience to live consciously; taking better care of our bodies, our minds, and to be slightly more considerate guests on planet Earth in the process.

The story of Thoughtworthy Co started with the people closest to us. Our passion for spreading the message of health stemmed from witnessing our parents’ victories in their battles with illness.

By then, it was a little too late for us to become doctors; although that would have made for an awesome story! So, we made a much more feasible career switch and became certified fitness and nutrition coaches. For a few years, we were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to help hundreds of folks take better care of their bodies.

In 2019, we started uploading videos on YouTube, with the goal of starting conversations on topics like health, happiness, family, sustainability — anything that was worthy of giving more thought to.

There are many more chapters to go in the story of Thoughtworthy Co, and more thought-worthy topics to be talked about. So welcome, and we look forward to having these conversations with you!

Eat well, move more, and worry less 🙂 
Glo & HL

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