Hello there!

We’re a couple from Singapore, and we share stories and ideas about taking better care of body, mind and planet Earth.

Growing up in a system famous for its efficiency and efficacy, we (like many others) used to find ourselves subconsciously chasing the aforementioned, often at the expense of health and happiness.

In the early 2010’s, Glo’s dad, the loudest and most boisterous, was admitted into an ICU for a heart condition. He fully recovered from the episode, but nonetheless, the lesson has been learnt: anything can happen to anyone, anytime.

That was the final reminder we needed to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY, focusing on the things that are worth thinking about — the things that truly matter to us. For us, it’s pretty straightforward, those things are:

Taking better care of our bodies; eating well and moving more.
Taking better care of our minds; chasing happiness and seeking a sense of purpose.
Taking better care of planet Earth; being considerate guests to the planet we call home.

There are many more chapters to go in this story, and more thought-worthy topics to be talked about. So, welcome, and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Eat well, move more, worry less!
Glo & HL, Thoughtworthy Co <3