Both: We’re Glo and HL, a couple from Singapore, and our mission is to help our fellow earthlings take wonderful care of their bodies.

Both: Although we have credentials in both fitness and nutrition, we like to think of ourselves as a lot more than that. More like… “Healthy Lifestyle Advocacy Extraordinaires”? 😉

Glo: When I started this project, I wanted it to be about the things I cared for the most. Like most people, family is always on my mind. And when I think about my family, I think about their health. And what’s more worthy of thinking about, than FAMILY and HEALTH?

Both:  We’ve always had a keen interest in the area of fitness and nutrition, and starting Thoughtworthy was just a natural progression after a series of fateful events.

Glo:  I’ve always tried my best to keep fit, as I really enjoy the sense of freedom, when I have freedom of movement.

But I started to really take living a healthy lifestyle more seriously when my parents suffered from their respective health conditions. First it was my mom, who had breast cancer when I was in my late teens. Then, a few years later it was my dad, who was admitted into the ICU for a heart condition.

After all that, I decided that I wanted to make the world a healthier place, even if just slightly. So, I started Thoughtworthy.

HL:  I’ve always considered myself a foodie-

Glo:  Actually… she’s more of a glutton than anything else.

HL:  Ha ha, very funny. But seriously, I think that food is definitely my biggest passion. When on vacation, it didn’t matter if I had to scale mountains or walk on fire, as long as the destination had good food. And it was because of my simple love for food, that I first started learning more about nutrition.

I love to cook too! Even though I started late and was completely clueless, nowadays I can proudly serve pretty decent (*humblebrag*) home-cooked meals on the dining table. I hope to make at least a tiny bit of positive impact on improving our modern cooking culture, as preparing your own food is easily the healthiest change that one can make to their life.

So when Glo asked me to quit my job to join him, I hesitated for a moment (fine, it was more than a moment) and decided that it would be totally worth it.

Both: Our philosophy is reaaaaally simple: EAT WELL, MOVE MORE, & WORRY LESS.

The more we learnt about fitness and nutrition, the more we realized that so much of it doesn’t really matter! Maybe it’s diminishing returns, maybe it’s paralysis by analysis… but as long as you’ve got the fundamentals down — eating well, moving more and worrying less — you’re all set!

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