26th May 2021

Beer? Soda? No, it's Kombucha!

Short update! Today, HL shares about her new kitchen adventure, something that she’s been irrationally excited about for a couple of months.

Playing With Bacteria

The first thing that most people think of at the mention of the word ‘bacteria’, would usually be something… harmful β€” like salmonella or E.coli. But good bacteria, and their role in fermentation is incredibly fascinating to me.

Fermentation has existed for thousands of years as a way to preserve food, long before anyone actually understood the science behind the process. Through fermentation, with the help of bacteria, food gets a complex flavor, has its shelf life extended, and even develops gut health improving properties.

I’ve casually dabbled with making my own fermented foods in the past. Kimchi, milk kefir, lemon honey ferment, and most recently, I’ve added Kombucha β€” sweetened tea fermented with bacteria and yeast β€” to that list.

Kombucha: What & Why?

Kombucha is refreshing, sparkling, sweet and tangy. It’s a healthier alternative to beverages like beer and soda, and it’s been gaining popularity in recent years. You can get ready-made artisanal Kombucha, but where’s the fun in that? Not to mention, it’s way cheaper to make fermented foods yourself at home, and we like to save money πŸ˜…

(Speaking of which, watch our latest video to find out exactly how cheapskate we are πŸ˜‚)

Photo Story: My First Brew

About to make my first brew of Kombucha! You need some starter Kombucha to brew more Kombucha, so I got some from a friend! Check out this alien-like pellicle floating on top πŸ‘½

Fed the Kombucha with more sugared black tea, and waited impatiently for 10 days. Leaving tea on the counter without refrigeration may sound like a recipe for food poisoning, but this is the first fermentation. So exciting!

When the tea tastes tart enough, it’s time to bottle and flavor it! Added mangoes because they were in season. Left it on the counter again, sealed, for about 3 days. This is the second fermentation; the Kombucha feeds on the sugar and carbonates.

Final result! It tasted good, even more refreshing with some mint leaves! I was anticipating the Kombucha to have a strong fizz, unfortunately it turned out to be quite flat. That’s probably because I got paranoid from reading stories about glass bottles exploding from the pressure of the carbonation, so I “burped” the bottle (letting fizz out) a little too frequently. πŸ˜…

It was slightly fizzier on my second attempt, but hmm.. still not satisfied. Will keep at it. Super excited to try all kinds of fruit combinations!

Have you tasted or maybe even brewed your own Kombucha? If you’re interested in making your own, check out this resource.

Cheers! A toast with a glass of our Kombucha 🍻

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