Friends of Thoughtworthy Co

Most of the time, we politely turn down companies that offer to send us their products. But once in a while, a brand that checks all the right boxes reaches out to us. Well-made products, the right ethos, friendly people. After several virtual exchanges and handshakes, they become Friends of Thoughtworthy — hopefully, they consider us friends too. Brands on this page are not here due to any formal agreement; they’re here because of our genuine appreciation of their work.

Able Carry is a Hong Kong-based carry goods brand. Their backpacks, some of the most comfortable we’ve had on our backs, are functional and built-to-last. Their simple, uncluttered designs with minimal branding? Huge bonus.

Oliver Cabell’s footwear exudes simplicity, quality, and timelessness. Most interestingly, their transparency policy lets you know where their products are made, how they’re made, and what materials they’re made of.

Grovemade makes beautiful and functional accessories for the home, office and the everyday carry. Handmade in Portland, USA, there’s no skimping on quality with Grovemade products; their slogan being “Made the Hard Way”.

*Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the links provided, we may get a small cut of the sale (you don’t pay more!), and that helps support our work. Thank you!