Camera & Lenses

We use a Canon EOS 650D; the Canon EOS 800D is the latest iteration of the series.

Sigma 17-50mm F2.8

Samyang 14mm F2.8

Canon 50mm F1.8


Velbon Videomate 438 Tripod

Aputure AL-F7 LED Light

UURig R005 Top Handle

Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Audio Equipment

Behringer UM2 Audio Interface for recording our voiceovers.

Glo's dad is a karaoke enthusiast. We scavenged a Shure SM58 from his unused collection!

Rode VideoMic

Desk Setup

24" Monitor

Living Room Speakers

Desktop Speakers

Logitech MX Master

Keyboard Setup

Wooden Wrist Rest

Audinst HUD-mx2 DAC


We keep our data safe on a NAS, the Synology DS218j.

Ellusionist Killer Bee Playing Cards

Huion H420 Drawing Tablet

Grado SR60e

Living Room Projector

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