19th February 2021

Letter from Thoughtworthy
(Feb 2021)

Hope you’re doing great this February! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to in February.

The past few months have been really hectic for us. So this month, we decided to take our foot off the gas, so that we can take a step back and think about the direction that we want to steer Thoughtworthy towards.

(Also happening this month: oddly muted Lunar New Year celebrations and reservist duties for Glo. No wonder it’s a slow month for Thoughtworthy!)

If you had signed up for our newsletters before February 2021, you would probably be familiar with the name Thoughtworthy Quarterly or TQ. But, we’re getting rid of the Q, and we’ll be calling it the Thoughtworthy Mag from now.

The kind of videos that we want Thoughtworthy to be remembered for takes a ton of time and thought to produce. A slow month like this made it really clear to us that we have to find ways to increase the frequency of our content, or we risk being forgotten (or at least sorely missed) by even our most ardent supporters.

And the way for us to increase our output of content without negatively affecting the quality of our main video content, is by writing more!

So, here’s how we imagine the new Thoughtworthy Mag is going to work. At the beginning of every month, we’ll be releasing a cover art like what you see on this page. On it, you’ll get an idea of the kind of topics that you can look forward to for the month. The individual emails should then reach your inbox on a weekly basis.

Our goal has always been to produce content that shares stories and ideas about living a healthy, happy and homely life. Thoughtworthy Mag is a space for us to create written word content, free from the constraints and bottlenecks of video production. So expect a wide range of topics to be covered!

Enjoy the rest of Thoughtworthy Mag (Feb 2021). Hope y’all are staying safe out there. Speak again soon!

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