5th May 2021

High Five! It's 5/5.

High five! It’s 5/5, the 5th of May (at the time of writing)! We hope April has been kind to you, and that May will be even kinder.

How did Mother's Day come about?

This Sunday will be Mother’s Day — have you ever wondered how Mother’s Day came about? We wondered, so we looked it up.

Mother’s Day, in its present form, is believed to have been founded by Anna Jarvis, after the passing of her mother in May, 1905. The first informal Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1907, when Ms. Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. West Virginia (Ms. Jarvis’ home state) was the first state to recognize it as a holiday in 1910, and by 1911, Mother’s Day was celebrated by the rest of the states in the U.S. 

Over the years since then, on the second Sunday of the month, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in many countries around the world (including here in Singapore, although it’s not officially recognized as a public holiday by the government).

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there for Ms. Jarvis. By the early 1920s, Ms. Jarvis had come to resent the commercialization of Mother’s Day and the companies that looked to profit from it. Ms. Jarvis spent most of the rest of her life boycotting, protesting, and lobbying to have Mother’s Day — the very holiday that she fought to be recognized as the founder — removed from the calendar of national holidays.

In 1948, she was arrested for disturbing the peace during one of her protests, and passed away later the same year. 

It’s a surprisingly dark story for what is a meaningful holiday. Of course, let’s not let that take away from the celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day. For those of us fortunate enough to still have our mothers with us, let’s cherish and show appreciation to them this Mother’s Day, and every other day of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there 🙂

Do you know how to protect yourself from skin cancer?

Something else happening in May (the whole of May, in fact) is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As we’re typing this out, we realize that the acronym for that would, unfortunately, be SCAM. But believe us, no, this is not a scam! Skin cancer is a very real threat.

Here are a few, quick things to know about protecting yourself from skin cancer:

Harmful ultraviolet(UV) rays…

…is the main thing that we’re concerned about. So, protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays by applying sunscreen regularly when outdoors. 

Sunscreen should be applied…

at least every two hours when outdoors because they wear off over time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sunscreens with higher SPF numbers block slightly more UVB rays from the sun than lower SPF sunscreens, but none can block 100%. 

You’re not immune on cloudy days…

because up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can still reach your skin even when it doesn’t feel that hot. Find shade (or create your own with an umbrella) and remember, apply your sunscreen! 

To learn more about how to prevent skin cancer, click here.

3 Random Things That Made Us Smile

“Everyday, I sit in the hot tub and my 8 year old daughter will clean the pool and sing. Today she sang with more passion than ever, so I decided to record her.” @tomcoverlytour

Picking up litter, no matter how you do it, is cool. But these guys take it to the next level! @gomihiroisamurai

A seagull surfing on it’s friend’s back. Have you seen something like that before? @nakamanian

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