20th March 2021

Letter from Thoughtworthy
(March 2021)

When we were kids, March was always a month that we looked forward to, because it was a month where we would get a week-long school holiday break. So, in the spirit of the March holidays, we at Thoughtworthy have been taking a much-needed breather for the past few weeks; a little rest can go a long way!

The end of last year got really hectic for us. As November to January were blitzing by like a bullet train, we never had time to stop and ponder if we were on the right track. We were barely hanging on trying to meet deadlines, as we produced videos at what felt like an uncomfortable and unsustainable rate.

As the train eventually slowed down, and things were no longer a blur, we could finally see our surroundings clearly again: Our apartment was a mess, and a bunch of things that we’ve been putting off — from personal errands to work-related administrative tasks — were piling up.

There’s a Chinese saying “休息是为了走更长远的路”. The direct translation is “The purpose of taking a break, is so that you can go further in your journey.” (Believe us when we say it’s a lot more poetic in its original form)

Guided by these words, instead of riding the wave and taking on more work, we chose to take it easy and use the time we’ve found to realign our focus. We’re positive that it’ll help us go further in our journey.

So, you’ll be seeing the theme of rest and rejuvenation in our comeback work. For March’s newsletters, we’ll also forgoing heavy, information-rich content, and instead opt for more light-hearted ones.

We’re excited to get going again, and we hope all of y’all find the calm and rejuvenation you need to ace the remainder of March.

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