17th April 2021

Minimalists Hate... Things? (Kitchen Essentials Edition)

The mention of the word ‘minimalist’ often conjures up the image of a near-empty apartment, or of a person passionately going through their possessions looking for things to throw away. It can lead to the misconception that minimalists hate having… things.

But that can’t be further from the truth in our case — we love our things.

We also spend more time than you would imagine, just window-shopping, browsing and appreciating beautiful, well-designed products that can better solve our life’s problems. Thankfully, we simply don’t pull the trigger as easily or as often when it comes to actually clicking the ‘buy’ button.

Rather than constantly creating content around decluttering, or talking about things that we no longer own or purchase as a result of practising a simpler lifestyle… we thought that we would show some appreciation for the items that we do own. 

That’s the idea behind the Minimalists’ Things series.

There are stories behind most of our favorite possessions. A treasure scavenged from a family member’s storage, a purchase decision made after weeks of research and deliberation, or simply finding an awesome deal just when we needed it.

On top of showcasing our favorite products, we thought we could share some of these stories as well in a series of videos.

So, in our first Minimalists’ Things episode, we look at some of our essentials in the kitchen:

Here’s a quick look at our 3 favorite kitchen essentials:

From left to right:

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