Worth Thinking.

Mildly unconventional ideas for your simple, purposeful and healthy life.

Our Story

Our story started with a series of health scares in the family, which would forever change the appreciation we have for our well-being. In 2015, we switched careers and started Thoughtworthy, hoping to spread the message of health and happiness. As certified health coaches, it was fulfilling helping others do better with their fitness and nutrition. However, as introverted homebodies at heart, facing clients all day drained our energies.

In 2019, we embarked on a new adventure: creating content from home, uploading our first video on YouTube, which would turn out to be a huge turning point. Today, Thoughtworthy is our medium to share unconventional stories and ideas about a simple, purposeful and healthy life. Simple—living mindfully with a minimalist style; Purposeful—creating meaning in our everyday; Healthy—treating our bodies and our minds right.

Watch, scroll, or read.

We create long form videos for YouTube, bite-sized content on Instagram, and thoughtful written word on our newsletter.

Whether you have a minute or ten to spare, there’s bound to be something for you!

Our store is a creative outlet for us to share the essence of our content through thoughtfully designed merch. Rock our message with digital wallpapers, apparel and more — all wholly designed by us!