3 “Inauthentic” Japanese Meals Recipes (easy, lazy, healthy)

“Okonomiyaki” Adapted from One Meal A Day Ingredients (2 Servings): 3 large eggs ¼ cabbage (~200g) 2 tbsp tapioca flour¹ ¼ tsp salt Ground black pepper   Toppings: Okonomiyaki sauce (Homemade recipe from Just One Cookbook) Bonito flakes Aonori dried seaweed   Directions: Thinly slice cabbage and place them into a large bowl. Add eggs, […]

What We Eat in a Day (July 2021)

Granola Adapted from Pick Up Limes Ingredients: ½ cup pitted dates ¼ cup tahini or nut butter (no oil or sugar added) 1½ tbsp hot water 2 cups rolled oats ½ cup raw nuts ¼ tsp cinnamon ⅛ tsp salt   Directions: Preheat the oven to 150°C (300°F). Add the dates, tahini/nut butter, and water […]

Making Kaya (Toast) – A Traditional Singaporean Breakfast

Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam) Adapted from KitchenTigress Ingredients: 40g white sugar 40g palm sugar 200ml coconut milk 4 pandan leaves (cut into ~5cm strips) 4 yolks (make sure there are no egg whites at all)   Directions: Add sugar, palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves to a pot. Cook over medium heat while stirring […]

Use Up Your Oats! 3 Easy Healthy Snack Recipes

Blueberry Oat Bars Adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie Serves: 6 to 8 Ingredients: 1 cup instant oats ½ cup oat flour (blend oats in a food processor or blender to get oat flour) 3 tbsp sugar ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp baking powder ¼ tsp cinnamon (optional) ⅓ cup oil 1 cup fresh or frozen-thawed […]

Cook Once Eat Twice (Healthy Meal Prep Recipes)

Baked Veggie Omelette With Roasted Potatoes Ingredients: Baked Veggie Omelette 6 large eggs ¼ cup milk ½ cup chopped veggies ⅓ cup shredded cheese Salt and black pepper, to taste   Herb roasted potatoes chopped into 1/2″-1″ cubes ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp dried parsley Drizzle of oil Salt and black   Directions: Preheat […]

6 Days of Breakfast (Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep)

Baked Veggie Omelette​ Adapted from Sweet Peas and Saffron Serves: 4 Ingredients: 6 large eggs ¼ cup milk ½ cup chopped veggies ⅓ cup shredded cheese A pinch of salt A pinch of black pepper   Directions: Preheat the oven to 190°C (~375°F). Line an 8 inch by 8 inch pan with parchment paper. You […]